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California Earth Minerals
P.O. BOX 3113
Culver City, CA. 92031
Fax 323-292-9692
California Earth Minerals is a consumer conscious manufacturer and ask those that resell our products to act responsibly and promote a marketplace where consumers can buy genuine, ION - MIN, Premium Calcium Montmorillonite clay products in a stress free non - confusing environment
California Earth Minerals herein referred to as CEMC provides a consumer orientated reseller program exclusively for Authorized resellers herein referred to as AR. The following information details the provisions wherein Retailers and Medical Practitioners can join a wholesale channel offered by CEMC. Resellers must agree with the following conditions set forth by CEMC.
CEMC sells solely to Authorized Resellers.


AR has availability to purchase products at the prevailing wholesale price without limitations or exclusions from the available inventory that CEMC offers for sale, by agreeing to the following:
  • There is a limit of 4 resellers that CEMC has prior agreements in place for listing products on or any of its affiliated sites. This seller channel is closed.
  • AR will operate using standard business practices
  • AR understands the limited amount and value of premium montmorillonite clays and acknowledges it is not to be sold using distressed merchandise discounting methods. The maximum amount of discount offered to their buyers should not exceed 15% of the MSRP as displayed on this website.
  • A Similar caveat applies to those dealers that want to set their prices over the MSRP. CEMC will not sell to AR that charge more than 20% over the MSRP.
  • AR agrees that when it places ads or listings on sites or media, not owned by the AR , the selling price listed will be a minimum of MSRP.
  • AR will not misrepresent the product in any manner.
  • AR will not alter or repackage the products provided by CEMC.
  • AR agrees to operate legally, ethically and morally when dealing with their customers regarding products provided by CEMC .
  • Both CEMC and AR indemnify each other for their separate actions.
  • An AR is not an employee or subcontractor of CEMC.
  • AR or CEMC can cancel this agreement at any time.


AR Information regarding ORDERS :

ORDERS: Orders can be submitted in one of four different methods , listed in order of preference.

1. Using the excel order form provided when this application is submitted . It is emailed to CEMC using:, an email address.

2. By Fax, to CEMC at 1+323 - 292 - 9692. (Preferably a copy of the order form, which is provided in the email wholesale kit.

3. By inserting the order in the body of an email from the AR business email to

4. By regular mail sent to CEMC's Mailing address: California Earth Minerals P. O. BOX 3113, Culver City, CA 90231


To order, list the product name and size, the number of cases ordered and the date of the order. The order sent by AR is considered a Purchase Order and it is the responsibility of CEMC to provide the products listed in the Purchase Order once accepted by CEMC. Acceptance is based on a physical review of the order by CEMC personnel. AR will be notified if PO is not in compliance.

PAYMENTS: All orders are cash - prior to shipment, unless other arrangements are made with CEMC.

APPROVED PAYMENT METHODS: Major Bank Credit cards, PayPal, Company , or Personal check, Bank Wire transfer, Western Union, Cash, Cashier’s Check or Money Order drawn on U.S. Banks

FREE SHIPPING AVAILABLE - see details in wholesale kit.

MINIMUM ORDER: Five case of any of the clay products of the AR choice. This is the initial minimum order requirement for all resellers. Details of the product descriptions and prices are included in the wholesale kit that will be sent to you immediately after submitting this application to become an authorized reseller.

ORDER CANCELLATIONS: If an order is cancelled after the AR is notified the order is ready to ship, the order is subject to a Restocking fee of 10%. Orders cancelled prior to the notice by CEMC will not be charged. All shipped orders are final.

VOLUME DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE - details in wholesale kit. Discounts and Incentives subject to change on a quarterly basis.

WHOLESALE ACCOUNT SET UP AND ACTIVATION: There is NO CHARGE TO APPLY to become an Authorized Reseller. When you tap the " submit application " button below, a wholesale kit is emailed to the email on application. CEMC will use the information provided to set up a wholesale account for the AR. It will be placed in an inactive file. YOUR INITIAL ORDER ACTIVATES YOUR ACCOUNT. If there is no order received from an AR within 60 days following the submission of an Application, the Account will be placed in an inactive file and a new application and new initial order to activate. The initial minimum order needed to activate an account is five cases – effective 1 – 10 2016

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I have read and agree to these terms and conditions.