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Notice the way the clay was deposited in layers over time.This layering process occurred over a span of “thousands of millenniums”. This Ancient beginning insures a totally natural product for maximum benefits.


Montmorillonite Has Many Different Delicious Tastes

All edible mineral deposits create a product that varies in taste, due to the effect of the many different environmental factors affecting its creation.  Factors such as exposure to solar radiation, temperature changes, weather, hydraulic forces, time, earthquakes and tectonic/volcanic activity cause each clay to have its own unique composition. These factors cause the natural variations of taste and color of California Earth Minerals products. We are careful to select from the deeper strata of the clay deposit, where resides the richest colloidal  calcium  montmorillonite  clays.  The location of the deposit predates modern human influences so the clay is clean and safe. 

As a result of different mining locations throughout our vast deposit, some of these natural variations result in different taste, smell, texture and even color. This is similar to fruit from the same tree and even the same branch tasting different. The variety offers nature lovers an opportunity to experience some of Mother Earth’s many delightful recipes.

We at California Earth Minerals offer the very best premium edible colloidal clay on planet earth. ION-MIN® products have been sold commercially beginning in  the 1940’s. The many health benefits of our clays are time proven. Mother Nature’s products may not always be vanilla in taste, but we usually benefit from them in many ways.

 If our clay in powder form (Terramin) is not convenient for everyday use, especially when traveling, we offer tablets and caplets as an alternative. Another possibility is to simply blend the clay powder in a smoothie or try mixing with fruit or vegetable juice.  It mixes well.

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