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Heavy Metals, Autism, Chronic Illness And Degenerative Disease

Contributed by Marilyn McBride, STARTWIN

Globally, huge populations are living in a time when heavy metals are prolific in the environments where they live. Heavy metals are found in the water, air and many foods, and they are having a serious impact on world health. Heavy metals are an everyday by-product of an exploding global population.

Examples of Daily Heavy Metals Exposure
Car exhaust

Car exhaust
Coal-fired power plants & incinerators

Coal-fired power plants
& incinerators
Agricultural insecticides

Agricultural insecticides
Chickens,Turkeys, Pigs Weight Gain Processes

Chickens,Turkeys, Pigs Weight Gain Processes

Phosphate fertilizers

Phosphate fertilizers

Medical protocol deals with chronic illness, disorders and degenerative diseases by treating specific medical issues, but the heavy metals that could be the cause of these health issues at the physical level are overlooked. However, it is becoming increasingly apparent, in large part due to Autism, that these toxins play a huge role in our health, or lack thereof.

Of the twenty heavy metals that are tested for only two are in vaccines, the rest are found in the environment. Heavy metal tests of autistic children reveal that many of the heavy metals on the list can be outside the reference range.


For several decades Startwin has observed the successful results using clay internally to remove heavy metals and chemical toxins and the affect their removal has on the symptoms of chronic illnesses and degenerative diseases.

However, recently the toxin pulling efficiency of clay baths was realized. Clay baths can change the way health issues are addressed. It is now apparent that the focus should first be on the heavy metals that are the cause of medical problems rather than on the medical problems themselves. Startwin postulates that decreasing and eventually eliminating heavy metals by utilizing clay baths can result in eliminating many medical problems, including those that are occurring in increasing, even epidemic, numbers.


Startwin has found that the simplest most efficient and effective way of removing heavy metals is accomplished by soaking in bath water that contains a small amount of a special Premium Calcium Montmorillonite clay found in the Colorado River Basin.


The application is to simply soak every other day for 20 minutes in comfortably hot bath water containing 1/4th cup of the clay. Apparently, the clay pulls heavy metals and other toxins out of the bloodstream, through the skin and into the bath water.


The skin is the largest organ in the body. It provides a much larger surface area for detoxification than the liver does. The clay bath method also eliminates the stress on the liver and intestines that happens when internal methods of chelation and detoxification are used to remove heavy metals and other toxins. This type of clay does not clump in water so it is compatible with septic tanks and city sewer systems. As the bathtub is drained the clay removes toxins from the walls of the pipes it is moving through.

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Startwin has successfully demonstrated that people on the autism spectrum who have utilized this routine have experienced changes as early as the first week of use. So have people with other medical issues.


SUCCESS! Happens when a 13 year old boy named Dillon*, whose speech had been limited to one word responses was able to construct verbal expression using sentences after the first couple of baths. At week two, Dillon was following directions given by his parents. By week three this child was able to handle a change in routines that he was accustomed to without throwing a tantrum.


SUCCESS! Another boy the same age as Dillon*, named James*, suffering from PANDAS and who did not speak prior to the use of the clay baths began repeating words given by a speech therapist. Jame's emotions also came to the surface and there was a reduction in his hyperactivity, all in the first three clay baths.


SUCCESS! A third case involves Carole*. A year and a half of chemotherapy left this 72 year old woman with 'chemo feet'. She has found that soaking in the clay bath every other night is relieving her painful symptoms. Ten clay baths have eliminated 70% of her pain and she is still seeing improvement. The bath has given her a renewed energy as the pain goes away, and greater mental clarity as well.

*Not actual names. Aliases are used out of respect for personal privacy.

Startwin attributes these amazing changes to the removal of heavy metals and other toxins from the use of the clay baths. Research the health issue you or someone in your family is dealing with, and add the topic of heavy metals in the search for answers. For example, use a search engine and use the keywords: ‘Alzheimer's Heavy Metals’. What is revealed is that heavy metals are not unique to the Autism Spectrum Disorders.

If a member of your family is on the autism spectrum this is an invitation to participate in an information exchange. STARTWIN also invites all who are dealing with a chronic illness, a degenerative disease, or are recovering from radiation or chemotherapy, to participate. Simply find out what the clay does for you, then share that information with us. We have suggested this information exchange with the hope that the statistics which are gleaned will provide the incentive for Medical Providers to take a serious look at heavy metals as potentially being one of the leading causes of our health problems.

To participate in this information exchange,

1. Purchase the clay.

2. Create a document titled Terramin Clay Baths, upon it, list the date of baths, the participant's diagnosis with current symptoms and optionally, the age and sex of the participant.

3. Have the participant soak in a clay bath for twenty minutes every other day for a period lasting 40 days.

4. On the document list any original symptoms that have been reduced or eliminated. Additionally provides notes regarding the new wellness symptoms and sensations the participant is experiencing at the end of the 40 days. Please email the Terramin Clay Baths document to Startwin as an email attachment, or copy and paste it into the body of the email.
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