Terrapak for the bodyTerrapak Introduction

Terrapak has been used by many people around
the world and it provides the following benefits:


Immediate pain relief from cuts, bruises, insect
bites and    stings.

A body wrap to quell deep chronic pain.

Relieves the pain of Eczema and Arthritis

Eases the discomfort of sprains and mending bone breaks.

Soothes joint pain and the discomfort of Fibromyalgia
Promotes healing


Terrapak is an all-natural, ionic clay mineral powder. Hydrated to a paste and applied as a poultice or a body wrap, it is highly effective for pain relief, is soothing and promotes faster healing.

No other natural product on the market provides this immediate and lasting pain relief.  It is used by military first responders in war zones as a pack for wounds.  It is a hemostat that prevents blood loss and detoxifies the wound area by killing bacteria prior to being transported to a hospital. 

This powerful antimicrobial treats everyday cuts, bruises, and scrapes for children and adults. It is an all natural pain relief product and promotes faster healing. 

An effective body wrap: In minutes you'll feel it begin to tighten your skin. It has a soothing effect that feels very pleasant.  As the mixture dries, you can feel the complex of minerals within the clay working to pull out impurities while effectively quelling the pain.  It is so effective; it has been used by the Gerson Cancer Institute (www.gerson.org) since the 1940’s as a treatment to relieve the deep pain associated with advanced stages of cancer.

Kills Bacteria on contact and provides pain relief. It is 100% Natural and provides significant benefits when used topically for skin irritations, cuts, bruises, scratches, and insect bites.  Helps relieve itching and acts as an antibacterial.  Keep some in the medicine cabinet for quick applications for the many injuries that happens to active people.

Terrapak has the ability to provide pain relief associated with back, knee, shoulder, ankle, wrist sprains, and other bone/joint injuries.  Try it and see for yourself.  It is effective and totally safe.

Terrapak can remove toxins, pathogens, bacterium all at the same time.  It is 100 % natural thereby it is good for the environment and especially good for you.


Instructions For Use

A mineral body wrap:  Mix Terrapak with warm sterile water to form a smooth creamy paste.

Cover as much of your body that is comfortable.  Apply liberally by hand or medium size brush

to form a thick covering.  For critical areas of pain, mold Terrapak into pancake size or larger poultice to cover the areas of the body that are affected.  Hold the poultice in place by wrapping it with saran or comparable type wrap to keep it next to the skin and moist. If desired, wrap your entire body and extremities.  Help may be needed for this procedure. Keep the wrap on your body for at least 45 minutes and longer, if desired.  You will feel the effects on your skin as it soothes and relieves pain. When finished, shower or wash off in a tub to remove the clay.  Terrapak contains 57 macro/micro and trace minerals in colloidal ionic state that will caress your body at the cellular level and revitalize your body throughout.  Plan this wrap around a time that you will be able to follow it with rest and relaxation.  Read, use aroma therapy, candles, items of relaxation while you are wrapped.  Let the energy of this superior Montmorillonite magic transport you to a new level of tranquility anTerrapak for the bodyd comfort.  Enjoy the experience.   

Eczema, shingles and other painful skin disorders:  Mix with sterile water to form a smooth paste. If you decide to apply TerraPak by hand, it is good to wear latex gloves to apply the clay. A medium brush also works well.  Experiment with the amount of clay needed.  A little goes a long way and not a lot of water is needed to create the correct consistency.  Create a creamy texture and carefully apply to affected areas. Let it remain on your skin for as long as it stays moist. When finished, rinse or shower off the clay. Pat dry and avoid rubbing the affected areas. Use a lotion or moisturizer for dry skin. Repeat this treatment as needed.  Repeated applications with a little time in between typically works better than a onetime use. Apply immediately when first noticing disorders and continue as needed until condition is remedied.

Pain relief: When cut, scratched, bruised or bit by insects, clean affected area with warm soapy water. Mix a small amount of clay with sterile water to form a paste and apply directly to the area.  Apply to the thickness of a U.S. quarter coin. Keep the clay in place until it dries. One may sense the pain relief immediately upon the application of the clay.  Always consult with a Doctor or medical practioner if the wound is serious. 

Sprain relief:  Mix the clay as described above and carefully cover the  sprain like a cast.  Cover with a thick layer of clay around the affected area. Cover the clay with saran type wrap so it can stay moist and provide longer lasting pain relief. It is good to rehydrate the clay to keep it moist and last even longer. A two or three hour application works well, however use to your own estimate to determine best time period. 

New uses for Clay are constantly being discovered and re-discovered.  If you have a positive experience or better way to use TerraPak effectively, please contact us and so we can share with others.


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