Terraglacial - Green Clay Face Mask

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Terraglacial is the product of a newly discovered mine source of a premium Green Montmorillonite Glacial Clay, Terraglacial green clay is a spa quality mineral face mask, packaged for economical in home use.

Excellent skin toning, tightening and renewal resulting in silky smooth youthful skin.

Reduces skin's oil production

Contains ancient clay minerals.

Topical aid for skin abrasions, cuts and scratches


Terraglacial is an all-natural,  clay mineral powder combined with ancient flora and algae, millions of years old.. Hydration reenergizes as you mix and you instantly experience the earth’s smell as it must have been like before man’s confluence. Robust, deep rich nutrients are released as you unite the clay with water and the raw and sensual aromas are yours to enjoy. All natural, no artificial flavors or aromas, no additives. Helps you to reunite with your basic senses. Terraglacial green face mask clay soothes and rejuvenates your skin. 

Frequent use of Terraglacial supports natural cleansing of skin, pores, and sub-dermal layers to keep your skin healthy, toned, and youthful.

This powerful antimicrobial cleans your skin and contains vital trace minerals that helps revitalize and restore your skin's healthy glow. Because it is composed of nanoparticles that are straight from nature, Terraglacial penetrates deep into your skin safer than chemical based topical cleansers. The result is healthy skin.

Facial treatment: In minutes you'll feel it begin to tighten your skin. It has a soothing effect and feels quite pleasant. It is safe for men, women and children of all ages.

Instructions For Use:


Powder Preparation and Storage:  Blend and Stir Terraglacial powder combining with a good water to create a smooth paste like creamy peanut butter Mix the water in slowly as it does not require much. A mixture of 12 measured tablespoons of powder and 2 oz of water should provide enough paste to enjoy this experience four or five times. Storage of hydrated powder, for later use, is possible by storing unused portions in a sealed, airtight container. Some additional hydration may be needed if stored for extended periods. Store powder in clean, dry jar or food grade P.E.T. container. Keep covered


Before you begin to apply the mineral paste, clean the skin that will be caressed by Terraglacial. Use a warm water and mild soap. Insure all cosmetic products are removed. Gently pat dry when finished cleaning.


Starting with a freshly mixed paste. Apply to face and neck areas by hand, avoiding the eyes, nostrils and mouth. Use the first and middle fingers or a medium brush. Cover to a thickness approximate to one quarter of an inch.

When the mineral potion is first applied, it appears to be a dark greenish-black. It will change to a lighter, aqua green as it loses moisture. When it reaches its maximum color change (about twenty minutes) it is then time to remove the mask.

Relax while waiting, Take it easy while the mask is working. We recommend soaking in a nice hot mineral bath, using Terrabathe. Aromatic candles, low lights, quiet time. Give yourself A real treat, all over. Or, lie in stillness. As the clay completes, it will begin to flake.

Removal: Warm water rinse, thoroughly. Gently pat dry using soft towel. It is often good to follow the mask with an application of moisturizer. For best results: repeat mask experience 2-3 times a week for a month, then taper off to once weekly.


For a special treat, when you hydrate the clay, replace your regular water with rose water.

Glacial Clay is a clay that is produced by the actions of a Glacier. Glacial melt waters contain a clay that is super rich in minerals and ancient nutrient sources. That clay is carried downstream and deposited at the mine site where Terraglacial was first discovered.

New uses for Clay are constantly being discovered and re-discovered. If you have a comment or a way that you use clay that is different or unique, please contact us and let’s share with the world. We are proud to offer your suggestions to others so they too, can benefit

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