terraglacial products

              GREEN CLAY FACE MASK

             A Green Montmorillonite Clay Created by Glacier Movement

Clear Skin
Ancient Minerals
Multiple Face Masks
Supple Silky Skin
Clears  Blemishes
Removes Age Spots
Lightens and Tones Skin
Customized Face Mask

      The Best Facial is Glacial
montmorillonite clay

MSRP  $29.00
Powder 8oz. jar

terraglacial mask

When you become a dealer with California Earth Minerals, you will get to experience a whole world of clays. Find out how we use edible minerals to enhance human and animal health.  Glacial Clay is created, differently from volcanic clays. Clays, delivered by Glacier melt waters, possess unique properties making them perfectly suited for improving skin conditions, even if the treatment is for normal aging and normal exposure to the environment.  Smooth, supple, youthful skin lies ahead.  The creation of smells and luxurious oils used with this is a uniquely personal experience.


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