TerraBathe for the bodyTerraBathe     

Congratulations on your purchase of the finest bathing clay compound available anywhere in the world. TerraBathe

re-mineralizes your skin, helps disinfect skin of bacteria and microbial pathogens, and assists your body in the elimination of toxins and many other harmful particulates


TerraBathe is made from ION-MIN , nature’s premium, all-natural Calcium Montmorillonite (also known as Calcium Bentonite) It is a highly pure and pristine clay mineral compound with a strong negative ionic charge to help remove  toxins from your body, through your skin and pores. It has a high pH value of 8.3, and is comprised of extremely small particles, many under 1 micron in size. TerraBathe contains all of the nutrients that are most important for youthful looking skin and the health of all dermal tissue, including:


Silica: Our skin is our first line of defense against naturally occurring bacteria, viral infections, and other pathogens. Silica promotes and maintains healthy skin tissue. Silica (silicon) is the
essential component making up the collagen matrix upon which
calcium is deposited. TerraBathe is 55% ionic, colloidal silica.


Other trace minerals: The remaining 45% of our amazing mineral skin care supplement is a portfolio of 57 ionic electrolytes, macro, micro and trace minerals in a 100% natural delivery system. Some of the other minerals that are abundant in TerraBathe , which support healthy skin and tissue include: Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc, Chromium, Copper, Selenium, Iron and more trace minerals that all contribute to a healthy, silky smooth skin all over your body.


TerraBathe works in several ways to improve the appearance and wellness of your skin.


1.     Transdermal: nature’s pure, healing elements are introduced to the skin, lymph and blood through transdermal ionic diffusion. This process allows the extremely small negatively ionic, molecules of certain minerals to enter your body into and through your skin barrier. Your skin is exposed to hundreds of toxic chemical elements every day, that cross the skin barrier and get into your body fluids and organs, where the liver and lymph systems try to decontaminate them. TerraBathe introduces natural, healthful elements that can combat the abusive chemicals and provide minerals through skin and pores.  

2.     Topical: Soaking in TerraBathe allows the highly negatively charges of the ionic silica crystals to penetrate and accumulate on your skin cells. These nano- sized crystals remove toxins and bacteria from your skin. Researchers have identified over 4,742 species of bacteria in a sample of 51 hands and found that the average human hand had over 150 different bacteria on them. 

3.     Hydrotherapy: Soaking in a hot, mineral bath opens pores, stimulates blood flow and lymph activity, and allows body salts to help eliminate toxins naturally. If you are not getting enough exercise and are not sweating due to climate, inadequate exercise, or the use of antiperspirants, you are overdue for a good sweat. The best environment for this is a natural mineral bath. It helps clean pores and remove dead skin cells 

TerraBathe is intrinsically healing and soothing to the body and spirit and  is made from ION-MIN , one of nature’s most potent negatively charged natural, ionic substances. You can feel it! Most people feel their body aches and pains diminish dramatically.

Normal Use: For most uses as a relaxation bath and for hydrotherapy health maintenance, use

Approximately ½ - ¾  cup of TerraBathe in a full tub of very warm water. The water should be over

100 degrees, and as warm as you can comfortably take for about  ½ hour.


Simply sprinkle TerraBathe  into water as the tub is being filled. Some powder will fall to the bottom and some will be suspended as a cloudy colloid. Keep in mind, this is a “mud bath”. You should not be able to see through the water during your entire bath, and to keep larger particles in suspension, just stir the water periodically.. We do not recommend using bath jets with TerraBathe. If you want to use the hot tub jets, add TerraBathe after you haveTerraBathe for the body finished with the jet action. 

Therapy: For more intense bathing to help remediate symptoms of skin conditions such as eczema, many people use 1 cup or more. This allows more TerraBathe crystal platelets to touch your skin, increasing its ionic power. Some people soak a bit longer for therapeutic uses, and often employ micro-dermal abrasion techniques such as skin brushing to further stimulate damaged skin.

Foot bath: add 1/4th of a cup of TerraBathe to a small tub of warm/hot water and place your feet in for 15 minutes or longer. You may feel tingling as the blood is pulled to the surface of the skin and the toxins are removed.

Clean Up


minerals for the body    TerraBathe is made from 100% ION-MIN clay. It is a completely natural mineral with antimicrobial and detoxification properties. It cannot clog your plumbing, fixtures, septic system, or the municipal waste systems. In fact, as it is flushed down the drain it continues to decontaminate and help remove toxins and odors along the way. Some particles will settle to the bottom of the tub. Feel free to rinse it down. 

rare earth minerals   If you use more than a cup in a small tub, you may want to wait an hour or two and then let the water drain normally, then scoop up any sediment and throw it away or put it into your garden.  

California Earth Minerals Corporation develops and distributes ION-MIN mineral products for people, animal, and environmental health. Our brands use an ultra-fine, all-natural, pure source of Calcium Bentonite clay - also known as Calcium Montmorillonite, to detoxify and re-mineralize internal and external health environments. We are committed to the cause of better health, sustainable living and science. Please visit us at our website,  www.CaliforniaEarthMinerals.com and feel free to contact us at any time. We are proud members of the Natural Products Association, and the Clay Minerals Society.


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