How ION-MIN Works

The Body Electric

ION-MIN® is a bio-electric health catalyst. It harnesses the power of negative ions (anions) to function as a complete mineral compound and detoxification system.


At California Earth Minerals Corporation, we are often asked to give a summary for the basis for our products and why they are a superior way of improving/preserving health.  Wherever we go, the question always comes up:  What scientific factor explains the effectiveness of our products?  And the answer is often a surprise!

Perhaps the best way to understand how our unique mineral compound delivers health benefits is through an understanding of electromagnetism.  ION-MIN® products work better than other supplements and therapies because of its electrical conductance.  Our products harness the power of ions.


ION-MIN® is a remarkable all natural electrotherapy that uses the power of ionic attraction to promote healing and help prevent sickness.  ION-MIN is an isoelectric mineralizer and detoxification system that comes straight from the earth.  The mineral compound is a “healing earth” used by animals in the wild and ancient peoples, as well as a growing number of holistic/natural health seekers all over the world today.  The reason the electric nature of ION-MIN delivers such dramatic results may be in the very essence of electrical properties within the body, the earth and indeed the universe.  We are—all of us, inherently electric in composition and function.  ION-MIN® utilizes a subtle electrostatic energy to integrate with your body’s energy toward promoting good health.

Mere Energy

Lets start at the very beginning.  Electricity can be defined as the movement or flow of small charged particles, usually electrons.  But electricity is only one aspect of the complete phenomenon of electromagnetics.  When viewed macroscopically, everything in the universe is part of and influenced by the electromagnetic force.  This is why it may be time to begin thinking of ourselves and our environment less as “solid objects” and more as points of energy.  We are all focal points for universal electromagnetic energy.

The first law of thermodynamics dictates that within the universe, energy is never lost; it can only be converted into mass and back to energy.  Einstein’s famous constant: E=MC2 gave a mathematical formula to describe how matter contains mass, and how mass can be converted into total energy.  Mass is just energy in a solid form: atoms.  But atoms themselves are units of more.  Atoms depend on electrons to provide it with interactive energy.  The atomic nucleus does not combine with other atomic units.  Only electrons are “social”.  Electrons interact to create form, function, elemental diversity, and movement.  When exposed to a magnetic field (apparently present in all of space), electrons align and move in various ways, creating the phenomenon of electrical charge power!  It is precisely this power that drives all of life.

Electricity and magnetism are the same phenomenon from two different perspectives.  The force is called electromagnetism; and it is truly the strongest force in nature.  It holds atoms together to form molecules.  It is 1 thousand billion billion billion billion times stronger than gravity.  The only “stronger” force operates at a sub-microscopic level...the nuclear force, which cannot scale past atoms.  In contrast, the electric force is as strong across galaxies as it is across town.  Gravity weakens exponentially as it moves away from objects, which is why a spaceship can escape orbit. But electrical attraction and repulsion assures that the molecules of the astronaut hold together and are unaffected by zero gravity space.

Look (It) Up

When you look at the night sky, everything you see is dominated by electrical phenomenon.  New evidence from Hubble and deep space telescopic probes tell us that all galaxies we can perceive are grouped together in clusters and superclusters.  Galaxies and stars are connected by plasma like a string of lights on a Christmas tree.

As any star, the sun itself is a demonstrably electrical force.  Comprised of plasma, its corona and solar flares are completely defined as electrical discharges.  The solar wind accelerates electrons away from the sun, which is why space travel is so obnoxiously dangerous.  It produces the tails of comets and is theorized to influence hot and cold weather cycles on earth and other planets.

Perhaps the most obvious aspect of electromagnetism is the generation of visible light, of which the star is often an overlooked yet shining example (pardon the puns).  In fact all radio waves, television waves, microwaves, X rays, gamma rays, infrared, ultraviolet rays and laser beams, are part of the same electromagnetic spectrum.  It also gives us radar, sonar, and telephone.  Radio telescopes allow us to see past the Milky Way and electron microscopes let us gaze at sub cellular level to detect molecular machines.  The semiconductor and piezoelectric phenomenon that run our chips and watches are electric.  Moreover, all signals that support the digital revolution ride on electromagnetic fields, pure and simple.

The Material World

The earth has its own electromagnetic field.  Earth’s magnetic field—the magnetosphere, keeps the sun’s radiation from completely eliminating all life on earth.  Our self-contained terrestrial magnetism allows the compass to operate and influences hurricanes and even tornados.  The aura that results from the interaction of the solar winds and the magnetic field provides us with the haunting Aurora Borealis a reminder of the sun’s electric nature.

But the electromagnetic force goes way beyond galactic stuff.  All chemicals, metals, and metallic or elemental structures are held together with covalent electric bonds.  Covalent bonds are the sharing of electrons between elements so as to form molecular compounds.  These compounds form fractal geometric patterns known as lattices or crystalline molecules.  All natural elements and chemical compounds possess crystalline molecular structures that are held together electrically.  All matter is presented as a combination of these crystalline-structured molecular compounds:  water, air gasses, rocks, vegetation, cells, oil, plastic, rubber, pigments, vitamins, fertilizers, pesticides, electronics, semiconductors...everything.  The “glue” for all of it is the electromagnetic force.

Plasma Matters

Not all matter is solid state. Some of it is liquid or gas.  And some is plasma.  In fact, astrophysicists tell us that the universe is 95-99% plasma, which is the 4th state of matter.  Plasma is essentially a highly energized dispersed form of matter in which electrons exhibit a free, mobile state that causes a condition of extremely high electrical conductance.  Plasma electrons are able to become part of one another so the matter is dispersed and diffused and electrified.  Plasma is witnessed in welding, neon lights, fluorescent lights, and of course plasma TV and computer displays.

The discovery of electrical plasma occurred long after scientists studied blood flow.  And blood is sometimes called plasma.  Why does the same word refer to two different things?  The term "plasma" was given to the 4th state of matter by Irving Langmuir in 1928 because it reminded him of a blood plasma.  It had life-like properties and seemed ubiquitous in the “body” of the universe.

Chemical Reactions are Electric

Electrical forces are the basis for all chemical reactions.  For example, add electricity to water and it separates into hydrogen and oxygen.  Likewise, when one positive ion (cation) is in the presence of one negative ion (anion) at various pH levels, a chemical reaction will occur that uses stored up electrical energy, which gives us an incredible array of compounds and products.  Since every chemical reaction is produced by electric forces and all biology is chemical, therefore, all biology is bio-electric at the atomic level through ionic interaction.

A vivid example of this is the DNA molecule, in which each rung in the spiral “staircase” that encodes life’s instruction-set is “glued” together with electrical conductance called the “hydrogen bond”.  The hydrogen bond uses the electron cloud to fuse positively and negatively charged elements, which supports carbon-based chains and oxidation.

Bio-Electromechanics and Your Body

So “electricity” not only drives and sustains galactic processes but also molecular bonding and interactions.  However, electrical phenomena transcend both of these scales.  The body itself is an electronic apparatus.  An electrostatic charge pervades the essence of biological systems, physiology and bio-mechanics.  All critical metabolic processes use cellular and intercellular electrical processes.

Did you know that the most efficient motor on earth is an electric rotary engine that is the bacterial flagellum, the “tail” which mobilizes single-celled life?  It is an integrated outboard motor that is hard wired into an acid-flowing proton induction motor with a rotor and stator.  These are not biological analogies.  These are actual parts of a motor so small that a million of them can fit in the cross-section of a human hair.  There’s much more:

  • Scientists inherently acknowledge that the central nervous system is built according to an electrical design. The scientific literature describing the nervous system is replete with references to electrical theory and electrical devices invented by man. References such as:  batteries, transducers, motors, pumps, calculators, transmitters, electrochemical potential, circuitry, binary system, current, resistance, voltage, capacitance, charge.
  • Some biological processes depend on light waves in the eye.  The body uses visible light to stimulate hormones and produce vitamins.
  • Brainwaves are the electrical signals that define brain activity.  In fact, your brain generates 10 to 12 watts of electricity! The 13 billion neurons in human brain are all communicating using electrochemical connections.
  • Cellular respiration is the manner in which cells receive nutrients.  This vital activity is completely bio-electric.  The term electrolyte refers to the macro minerals necessary to create the electro conductance that causes all cells to open and close in order to receive nutrients.  The extracellular fluid and intracellular fluid create an electrical gradient that opens and closes cell portals in a self-regulating system.
  • Electricity is fundamental to tissue repair.  Numerous experiments have demonstrated conclusively that tissue regeneration is stimulated by special electrical signals in the body.
  • Pain sensation uses electric conductance to produce pain-signaling chemicals using an integrally electric nerve network that transmits signals to the brain and back at almost light speed.
  • It is not just the eyes which use the electromagnetic visible light waves to deliver information into our minds.  All sensory inputs rely on electronic signals: hearing, taste, smell and touch.  Because the nervous system is an elaborate bio-electrochemical circuit, the system of electrical impulses is the interface between the external world and our brains.
  • The basic building block of the nervous system is the nerve cell, called a neuron. Under a microscope a neuron looks like an octopus with many tentacles. Neurons possess all of the key functions of a microcircuit: transducer, conductor, transmitter, and receiver.
  1. As a transducer the neuron converts or 'transduces' the stimulus energy from the outside world into electrical signals.
  2. As a conductor the neuron propagates or 'conducts' the transduced signals from the dendrites to the cell body and then down the axon.
  3. As a transmitter, the neuron converts the electrical signals into chemical messages and 'transmits' them from one neuron to a neighboring neuron.
  4. The neuron receiver accepts the 'input signals' on short branched extensions of their cell bodies - 'dendrites' and sends the 'output signals' on long unbranched extensions - the 'axons'.
  • Your nervous system does more than merely provide information into your brain.  The autonomic nervous system regulates breathing and heart operation.  The heart muscle pulses as a result of an electrical signal linked to lung respiration.  The heart is essentially an electrically stimulated pulse pump.  And every other muscle in your body moves because of immensely complicated electrical circuitry.
  • The body uses ionic minerals to directly stimulate chemical changes.  The primary elements are the “electrolytes”, sodium, calcium, potassium, copper, and magnesium (among others).  Your body also deploys numerous piezoelectric processes (crystalline stress frequencies).  Scientists have observed that piezoelectricity is demonstrated in a variety of biological materials, including polysaccharides, proteins, and DNA. "Stress-induced potential in bone is produced by shear piezoelectricity in collagen fibers and streaming potential in canaliculae. The growth of bone is regulated to best resist external electrical force."
  • Other, more exotic electrical phenomena such as flexoelectricity are ubiquitous in liquid crystals and cellular membranes.  It plays a key role in function of hearing cells and energy storage in mitochondria.

The body’s electrical activity produces a magnetic flux, which results in a subtle magnetic field. These tiny electromagnetic fields are subject to disturbances from exogenous sources, which science is recently learning can be toxic to human and animal health.  Cell phones, televisions, fluorescent lighting and power lines can create massive cellular interference.

The evidence that our world and our physiology is dominated by electrical forces is beyond doubt.  But if healthy biological and environmental processes result from optimal electrical conductance, can sickness be characterized as diminished electromagnetic performance in the body?  How can we improve the health of our electrical circuitry? How can electromagnetism be harnessed to support health?

Electric Healing Arts and Parts

Because everything in the body is electromagnetic, we shouldn’t be surprised that every time we create a drug, a medical device, or an environmental therapy, we end up utilizing electrical principles.  For example:

  • The MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) machine is used for imaging the body.  It is considered a medical marvel of the last quarter of the 20th century.  MRI provides an unparalleled view inside the human body. The level of detail we can see is extraordinary compared with any other imaging modality.

The MRI machine applies a radio frequency pulse that is specific only to hydrogen. The system directs the pulse toward the area of the body we want to examine. The pulse causes the protons in an area to absorb energy, making them spin in an opposite direction.

When the RF pulse is turned off, the hydrogen protons begin to slowly return to their natural alignment within the magnetic field and release their excess stored energy. When they do this, they give off a signal that the coil picks up and sends to the computer system.

  • But less obvious treatments rely on electric principles as well.  For example, opiates like morphine block electrochemical action to stop pain.  Even in agriculture, crop treatments must deal with electric effects.  When an insecticide or poison is used to protect crops, they operate by interfering with the electrical signals of the pest’s nerve cells, causing heart and respiratory failure.

The Mineral Connection

This last example leads us to the final point. All chemicals, foods and medicines can affect your body as either fuel or toxins.  As we live, consume, think, feel, and breathe...we are either disrupting or harmonizing our body’s balance of electric energy.  And if you ask any nutritional expert to explain what chemicals cause an electrical potential in the cells of your body, they will tell you it is minerals—electrolytes and the balance of trace elements, that directly alter the body’s pH in order to generate the electricity needed to power you!  Without the right mix of minerals, it would be pointless to discuss vitamins and enzymes.  Minerals are at the very foundation of your health and energy:  they comprise the basis for the life force.

The most abundant minerals in your body are sodium, calcium, potassium, magnesium, silicon, phosphorus, sulfur, and chlorine.  These macro and micro minerals regulate fundamental electrical and paramagnetic processes that keep you alive.  The way that they preserve your electrical conductance is through regulation of your body’s pH.  Just as a battery uses alkaline or acid materials to generate voltage, the minerals in your blood and cellular fluids do the same to generate electrical forces.  Too many people think that eating high pH foods will create this effect.  In fact, it is simply the correct balance of minerals that creates the proper ratios.  PH is a function of minerals; and study after study proves that we are dangerously deficient in many of them.

Even as most of us are deficient in the electrolytes, it is extremely important to understand that macro-minerals are dysfunctional without the presence of trace minerals like copper, zinc, selenium, chromium, and critical but lesser known minerals like molybdenum.  In all, there may be at least 50 minerals that are normally used to catalyze and support proper metabolic health in humans and animals.  You can live without most vitamins for far longer than you can live without these minerals.
And it is these same minerals that are lacking in the diets of nearly every reader of this document, regardless of how well we think we are selecting and preparing our foods.  The food chain is recklessly depleted in part because the soils are depleted.  You cannot obtain what is not there.  You must supplement.

The facts are clear and the logic is pretty straightforward.  We need a regular infusion of bio-available minerals in addition to the nutrients we receive in our diets.  Moreover, our immune systems desperately need detox support.  If we are to address the electric nature of the state of our health, then we should consider electrically charged supplements. Wouldn’t it therefore be ideal if a “complete” mineral supplement were available as an ionic compound from within a medium that also provided negative ionic conductance for a decontamination/detox system that worked on your whole body?

How Do You Feel?

But if you are still in doubt, perhaps the best way to assess your personal health needs is to consider your own sense of your health and vitality.  Are you energetic and alert?  Do you have stamina or do you tire easily.  Are you nervous and anxious or are you calm and well ordered?  Do you feel well and optimistic and connected to the universe?  Do you feel deep down that things are as they should be?

In the field of Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) and natural health/nutrition, we focus on God/nature given remedies and substances that can stimulate or mend internal health pathways.  It makes sense therefore to look for the electromagnetic properties of natural healing therapies.  If such charged substances can be used to complement or realign electrical/chemical deficiencies in the body and can be obtained in natural form, we can perhaps consider them primary holistic healing agents that are in harmony with the universe.

ION-MIN: Nature’s Power Station

ION-MIN is exactly such a substance.  Found in various parts of the earth, this all-natural, ionically active material has some amazing properties.  The power of ION-MIN to perform in ways that can heal the body and the environment is directly due to the electric charge of its ions!


   1. ION-MIN interferes with dermal and sub dermal electric pain signals to dramatically reduce localized pain from cuts, burns, abrasions and myofascial conditions without resorting to prescription drugs and NSAIDS.
   2. ION-MIN acts as a hemostat, using ionic bonding of the crystals to tissue so as to quickly inhibit bleeding from capillary and vascular hemorrhaging.
   3. ION-MIN electrostatically absorbs blood plasma discharges containing infectious matter (pus) and toxins that may inhabit infections, skin conditions and bites.
   4. ION-MIN uses a negative ionic charge to remove many bacteria, fungus, and toxins from the skin; and helps the body excrete heavy metals through skin pathways.  It tones and renews skin, helping encourage tissue regeneration with natural electrostatic signals.


   5. ION-MIN is a unique and amazing delivery system for the trace minerals that are too often depleted from our industrialized food production and preparation systems.  Our food chain is shockingly impoverished of minerals due to: soil depletion; animal stress; toxic exposure to petrochemicals, heating, irradiating, and processing foods; the introduction of heavy metals, preservatives and toxins in packaging materials; and the final preparation in microwave ovens, overcooking.  We do not receive the minerals we need to sustain life and fight disease.

       ION-MIN contains ionic bonds to attract and hold a complete portfolio of macro, micro and trace minerals, and adjusts the ionic power in the body to administer these nutrients in a sustained-release process. All minerals in ION-MIN are bio-active and are released in the low-pH stomach.  Unused minerals are then cleaned up in the higher pH environment of the intestines.  These minerals directly support isoelectric cellular processes that give energy to the cells and stimulate immune and detoxification systems.  It even remineralizes saliva to help prevent tooth decay.

   6. ION-MIN is an aluminum-silicate powder made up of crystalline platelets with strong anionic adsorptive power.  This material naturally draws out of tissue most cationic toxins and heavy metals using its substantial electrostatic power.  This is the power of negative and positive ions.  The crystalline delivery system is strongly charged because of the shape and size of the crystalline platelets.  This charge allows it to work alongside internal digestion and excretion pathways in the liver and colon to remove body poisons and contaminants.


   7. ION-MIN® helps stimulate and catalyze paramagnetic and electric vibratory state of matter that comprise the body.  It is a compatible negative ionic force that helps counteract the assault on cellular bioelectrics due to environmental electric/radiation interference.  The negative ionic state helps you reorganize your energy and encourages you to feel well emotionally, cognitively and physically.


   8. ION-MIN adsorbs and absorbs toxic compounds is the air, water and soils due to spills, energy production and waste storage.  The fundamental compound—Calcium Montmorillonite has even been used to decontaminate nuclear radiation from disaster sites.
   9. ION-MIN when added to growing soils remineralizes and catalyzes root uptake of minerals and acts as an ionic buffer of nutrients in a process called cation exchange.  Calcium Montmorillonite is considered by soil experts to be the best foundation to enrich and activate poor topsoils.
  10. ION-MIN added to aquatic environments immediately begins to clear, and “polish” the water, taking sludge and scum to the bottom of the waterway, where microorganisms and bottom-feeding animals can digest the contaminants, thus harmonizing and optimizing the water habitat.

Please consider the importance of universal electromagnetic processes in your life and their importance upon your health.  Help your body overcome the stress of modern life with the right energy inputs. Realign your energy from the inside.

Our ION-MIN products contain one of the most powerful, all-natural bio-compatible internal detoxification substances available anywhere.  ION-MIN is a completely safe mineral product that contains a rare, pure and electrostatically active form of Calcium Montmorillonite (sometimes called Calcium Bentonite).  This amazing compound delivers 57 bio-available minerals in sustained-release ionic form.  These minerals form the basis of all nutrition and cell function, but are increasingly depleted in our modern diets.  ION-MIN provides immune-boosting trace minerals as well as a balanced portfolio of electrolytes needed to support self-healing.  But it does more.  It harnesses the power of negative ionic energy to detoxify the body and the environment.  See more about our active mega-mineral detox supplement here.

Statements regarding dietary supplements are provided solely to offer our customers additional information about alternative medicine. No health claims for these products have been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), nor has the FDA approved these products to diagnose, cure or prevent disease. You should consult your healthcare provider before starting any course of treatment.

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