Montmorillonite Clay

The Science of Montmorillonite Clay


ION-MIN® on the label means it contains Premium Montmorillonite Clay.

More than a Mineralizer

rare earth minerals    

TERRAMIN® is a spectacular mineral warehouse, delivery system and vending - buffering mechanism that works with your body's natural, selective nutrition absorption process.  But it is much more.  TERRAMIN is 100% natural and is a premium calcium montmorillonite clay. As such it is the world's most powerful all-natural detoxification system.

TERRAMIN® is a multifunctional mineral complex. It not only has vast mineral stores, but it also has a strong ionic cleansing capacity. One simple supplement...two vital functions!

While it acts as a potent nutrient source, TERRAMIN also functions as a natural internal cleanser.  Using a powerful negative ionic molecular charge, this compound attracts heavy metals and pathogens that inhabit your body which cause aging and sickness. It is an amazingly simple and useful cleansing compound when used internally or when applied to the skin.

The Two Causes of Sickness

Your body strives to be well. It works overtime, day and night, and many of us do not help out with our day-to-day lifestyle decisions. Supplementation with mega-minerals is absolutely necessary in mankind's depleted nutritional habitat. Remineralizing contributes greatly to renewed vitality. But there is one other source of chronic illness that must be overcome. We, i.e., all of us, are toxic. We are exposed to increasingly aggressive and compounding poisons that must be removed in order to restore wellness to your body.

These toxins come in two forms:

  • Man-made chemicals, food additives, unnatural metal overloads, and pesticides.    toxins
  • Natural pathogens in unnatural and mutating populations: bacteria, fungus, yeast, and virus.   

The heavier metals that come from man-made, chemical sources are bad for us; metals like lead, mercury, and aluminum in their chemically altered form. These metal molecules tend to be stored away in the body in fat, the lining of the gut, and in certain organs. These unnatural toxin metallic compounds are responsible for many degenerative diseases.

The chemicals we ingest, inhale and touch are astounding. In some people the combination of all these noxious substances compound and drain the body of resources.

Moreover, many people harbor an overload of fungus, yeast, and bacteria in their bodies. These harmful organisms release toxins and acids. People are not able to fully resolve these pathogens because their immune systems are on "low", due to the assault of modern living, exposure to present-day chemicals, and a mineral/ vitamin/ enzyme imbalance.

In order to remove them, our bodies need two things: a way to identify them and a way to capture them. Our clay compound is ideal for both of these tasks. In fact, most heavy metals and pathogens are cations (pronounced cat-ions), meaning they are the opposite ionic charge of the montmorillonite clay. This makes them inescapably attracted to the ION-MIN®, like a magnet.  When ION-MIN® attaches to a pathogen, it neutralizes the foreign substance and allows the body to safely eliminate it. 

earth mineralsVending Machine and Garbage Truck

Earlier in this report, we discussed the vending metaphor, in which our TERRAMIN accepts Hydrogen and dispenses minerals in the body. But in this case, our heroic mineral warehouse/ vending machine/ delivery truck also picks up the garbage! This is because the silica micro-sheets are double-layered anions (pronounced an-ions) with an extremely large surface area. Like almost no other substance on earth, they are capable of smothering positively charged particles, killing them or rendering them harmless and then absorbing them into the clay structure and eliminating them from your body.

The negative electrostatic charge of the clay and the incredibly large surface area are why TERRAMIN works so well as a detoxifier. Ten grams of our product contains enough surface area to cover an Olympic sized swimming pool!

We have dozens of scientific research documents from leading institutions proving the value of  TERRAMIN as a stellar, natural, clean way to remove toxins from your body, including heavy metals, aflatoxins, fungus, and bacteria. It works in people and in animals. And it does so safely, without the use of even more chemicals and poisons often prescribed to treat the effects of our polluted bodies.

Living Clay

Calcium Montmorillonite has been called a "living clay". The term was coined by Neva Jensen, famed nutritionist who studied TERRAMIN and determined that it emulated life while it supported life. One of the reasons TERRAMIN is the original "Living Clay" is that it shares the ability to cling to toxins with a very important part of your body; your cells! Yes. Your cells also act as anions that use receptors to affix toxic compounds to their outer shell. But cells can't just go away. They hold onto pathogenic substances while they continue to support life. When our clay compound gets in your blood, lymph and intestinal tract, it simply emulates this function, allowing cells to get rid of the bad compounds so they can spend more time keeping you alive. It’s a true "tag team" that can contribute to a healthy body. No other mineral substance or drug can claim this dual function and no other natural compound is so good at this method of detoxification. 

Toxic Bodies

Our Toxic Bodies

A word of moderation here: this is no quick fix. Depending on your age and lifestyle, this internal cleansing process will take time. You have years of accumulated toxins to remove from all over your body:

  • Liver
  • Heart
  • Brain
  • Kidneys
  • Blood
  • Cells
  • Intestinal track

We live in an on demand world of quick fix consumer goods, fast acting drugs and pain killers, and the expectation that our government and so-called professionals can solve all of our problems immediately.

But of course, this is how we got into our metabolic trouble to begin with. Instead of taking charge of our health decisions and acting in moderation, we have slowly damaged our lives and taught some very bad habits to the next generation. TERRAMIN will work in two stages. At first some positive and negative feedback will tell you it is working. You might feel temporarily better or worse as it draws toxins out of you. Slowly, over time you will feel better than ever. The second stage is the recovery stage, and it takes weeks, months and years. Use TERRAMIN products daily. 

There's no time like now to begin healing and cleaning out the basement. You have a waste removal system ready to help. Give it time.

Mineral Connection

These two processes, remineralization through supplementation and detoxification through adsorption are two sides of the same health equation. They work hand in hand to restore youthfulness, energy and vitality to your body and mind. Trace minerals support the detoxification process and the detoxification helps the minerals provide nutrients.

When a cell is healthy and has the minerals it needs, it is capable of supplying your body and immune system with the power to fight microbial and pathogenic assaults.

pH Connection

Finally, much buzz has been given to the subject of pH and health, to the point where people have the exact wrong idea about how to deal with acidosis and alkalinity.pH Connection 

The way to a balanced body pH of 7.4 is not to eat and drink high pH substances per se. The process is not that direct. Think about it. An acidic condition in the body is caused by sickness. The resolution is to restore health through the two pathways discussed above: mineralization and detoxification. Once done, the body will maintain its own optimum pH balance. Eating high-pH foods only contributes to balanced pH because of the nutrition, not because the food directly alkalizes your blood. Most foods that are very healthy for you are not alkaline at all. Soils and even rain water is naturally acidic. Remember, your stomach must acidify what you eat in order to deconstruct the nutrients anyway. Blood pH is about overall health, not about only eating alkaline things. Stop overcompensating.

Don't get caught up in these fads. Give your body the help it needs, and it will out of necessity stabilize your pH.

Take TERRAMIN every day. You can trust products that say ION-MIN on the label.  Trusted since 1946.