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Pet Care Advice - Go Wild!

Restore your animals’ wild spirits!  One of the reasons that animals often do not live as long or are as healthy as animals in the wild is that they are exposed to the same processed foods, toxins and chemicals as humans. All share stressful lives and live in a sometimes toxic  and  contaminated environment. With household chemicals, pesticides, and other harmful toxins constantly around every animal that creates an environment harmful to their health. Our organization has found a solution to help absorb and remove these toxins as well as provide over 50 trace minerals to an animal’s diet.  Our, “Nutramin for Universal Use” is our solution.

Animals in the wild are able to find their own sources of natural health and can self-heal with clays and botanicals found in their habitat. For many animals from elephants to fish to sheep and birds and primates, clay minerals are a big part of their natural healing tradition.


There is a product that allows your pet to receive one of the most natural, pure healing substances on the market today and it is in its original form, the way nature delivered it.  It is called Nutramin.

Our Nutramin products can be given to domestic or exotic pets to help keep them strong and immune to the downside of domestication and modern living. The same product is used to heal wounds, bites and skin conditions. It is also used to help relieve stomach and internal sickness.

The best test of whether or not this product will help your pet is to let it try the product. You will find that animals love to eat and touch Nutramin because they instinctively know it is good for them. In a small but important way, it brings them back to nature. All of our ION-MIN products originate and are made in the USA.  Download this Nutramin product sheet (PDF)