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California Earth Minerals® produces, markets and distributes ION-MIN® premium mineral
products for people, animal, and environmental health. Our products are made from a pure,
clean “rare-earth” source of Calcium Bentonite clay, known as Calcium Montmorillonite.
® is an exquisite, naturally-fine-powdered clay-based, inorganic compound. All of
our products are used to detoxify and remineralize internal and external health environments.


ION-MIN® is becoming recognized as the new way to revitalize and enhance biotic
function within the body as well as within plants, soils and water environments of all
kinds.  ion-min

ION-MIN® is a rare and special form of all-natural Calcium Bentonite clay - Montmorillonite (pronounced "mont-more-ill'-o-nite"), which has been shown in numerous studies to deliver superior health-promoting outcomes.  ION-MIN® comes from our subsurface mine in the Colorado River delta in the Southern California, Colorado desert.

Calcium Montmorillonite - Calcium Bentonite clay is a naturally occurring mineral compound that originates in the earth’s crust. Derived from volcanic and tectonic plate activity as well as a slow,  natural deposition process...this amazing compound is richly deposited in active form in only a few places in the world. ION-MIN
mineral powder comes from a pure, undisturbed clean clay, the result
of eons of natural earth processes that allow us to provide you with
health promoting products.



Perfect Start for Business Initiatives

Announcing a new business model for California Earth Minerals.  Their new focus is servicing wholesale purchase accounts solely and wholly. The growing popularity of the ION-MIN® Montmorillonite clay mineral supplements they provide is the reason for this shift from a dual purpose manufacturer, selling to both wholesale and retail accounts.

This initiative, effective May 1, 2013 is a huge leap into the future for this small, hardworking good intentioned Company.    Ray Kong, CEO, said, “Our mission all along has been to make this clay available to those who can benefit from its use.  Our new focus allows us to concentrate on larger distribution and availability through wholesalers.”  Mr. Kong explained that this initiative was launched so it will be more convenient to buy the ionic mineral supplements as there are more available outlets carrying the product. More people will be able to purchase their favorite natural products sold by California Earth Minerals at local stores or from their favorite e-tailer.

An example of the success of this program is found in Los Angeles, CA...  Edible clay seekers, rejoice!  You can now find Terramin at the Erewhon Natural Food Market, located at 7660 Beverly Blvd # A, Los Angeles, CA (90036-2734), next to the Grove Shopping Center. Erewhon has been active in Los Angeles for over 40 years.   Erewhon in making the mineral supplements immediately available to our L.A. family of customers.

Erewhon Natural Foods Market is one of the oldest natural products markets in America. It's well known and highly respected in Los Angeles due to the Erewhon professional commitment to provide only products that meet the absolute highest standards for health and nutrition. Rich in history, Erewhon is credited as the first natural food store, and also as the company that started the natural food movement in America back in 1966. Their proud history is evident from their friendly staff to the mission statement on the wall, hung many years back by owners Thomas and Libby De Silva.

“Erewhon’s philosophy about natural products as the answer to healthier living is in direct alignment with California Earth Minerals.  If after you review the wholesale programs offered, you wish to learn more about the details, Send your request by Clicking Here.

Mr. Kong continues, “We had just finalized our growth plans and strategies for expansion into providing products to the retail market, through wholesale relationships with clients like Erewhon, where there is a harmony of spirits seeking health through natural products - when we got a call from Erewhon."  They indicated that there were recurring requests from customers asking where they could find a source of edible clay. Erewhon, ever responsive to their customers’ requests, placed a call to us and asked to set up a wholesale account”

When asked about the serendipity of having the premier natural food market call at the very same time California Earth Minerals were introducing their profitable business opportunities for resellers, Mr. Kong smiled and replied, “It’s natural; it is the way things are supposed to be when good energies combine.  It always happens at the exact right time.”

California Earth Minerals provides three wholesale purchase programs through which Medical Practitioners and business entrepreneurs can purchase ION-MIN clay products and market them in a retail environment. 

 Frank Cheng, Business Manager, stated, “We own and maintain one of the largest libraries of Montmorillonite clay research available and have extensive test results provided by independent laboratories that go back years, all providing credibility for the use of our product as a legitimate and effective healing clay. The clay we sell today comes from the same location where the clay that N.A.S.A. tested and approved for use by the astronauts was extracted, back in 1964. More and more, folks are discovering for themselves the efficacy of the clay for natural internal cleansing, detoxification and topical healing.” 

“Now would be the time for retail stores and independent distributors to become a reseller for California Earth Minerals, while the opportunity to become a state or country-exclusive distributor exists. The California Earth Minerals distribution network is expanding rapidly, yet there do exist very select opportunities for those businesses that see the future of the environmentally green movement and its impact on the natural products industry”, states James Brown, VP of Business Development.

The company is for real, their enthusiasm contagious, and their passion is evident throughout the company, and in their motto, "Live Healthy!" Talk to James or Ray for a few minutes and you will understand what it is to be a clay advocate.  Joining this company’s efforts in bringing natural healing clay to the market is an outstanding business opportunity for retail establishments and e-commerce retailers seeking a popular, effective and economically-sensible natural product. 

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