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earth mineralsSomewhere around 60 million years ago the North American Plate and the Pacific Plate collided with unimaginable force. An irresistible force meets an unmovable object! The force of this collision is unimaginable as man has never experienced a cataclysmic event like it.


earth mineralsThis began the formation of the Rocky Mountain Range. With the immense pressure of the plate movements, incredibly rich deposits of minerals trapped in the earth's crust were thrust to the surface and formed the tops of the mountains in each range formed.


rare earth minerals The Colorado River formed from millions of tributaries created by the rainfall on the mountaintops that flowed to the valley. The resulting river became a moving treasure of rich minerals as these minerals were transported by the tributaries and flowed into the river. Since their birth, the Rocky Mountains have had about 2 miles of their richest minerals on the tops eroded and redistributed by the tributaries, streams and the rivers.

rare earth minerals Where does this wonderful Premium Calcium Montmorillonite clay come from? The Rocky Mountains via the Colorado River as it slowly made its way to the Sea of Cortez, grinding and carrying this incredible mixture of microscopic bits of minerals newly thrust up from the depths of the earth along its path. When there was excessive rain fall and snow, the river would swell and rise over its bank during spring runoff. The water, replete with life nourishing minerals would spread out over the delta.

montmorillonite clay This delta is a temperate zone with lots of sun, wind and heat. The water would evaporate and leave a layer of clay that contained highly concentrated deposits of the minerals carried from the mountains.


natural health For millions of years this cycle repeated itself until it formed layer upon layer of richly mineralized nutrient clay. Today, it is slowly being mined from this delta. This is the birth place of ION-MIN®


Premium Montmorillonite Clay
Premium Montmorillonite Clay

Harries and Maddie Hebbard are at the beginning of the incredible but true drama that had to be played out in History in order to make ION-MIN® available to the lucky thousands that have been magically influenced by this wonder earth and for the thousands more to follow once this story is known to them.

In the mid 1940's, right after WWII, The Hebbard family, began living on their Colorado River Delta property. They discovered that wild animals, indigenous to this are would come from all over to graze, alongside the cattle, horses and donkeys the Hebbards kept. It was strange to Harries to find the variety of animals that gathered there. Coyotes, bobcat, pigs, deer, and even the birds could be found reliably on the same 25 acres. They had over 2400 acres but this one particular site seemed to be all the animal's most "favorite hang-out". At various times, all the animals would come, not to eat the grasses, as grass was sparse, but to "lick the ground and eat bites of this clay".

Mr. Hebbard, a returning Veteran had an adventurous spirit and active mind. The number of the animals he saw and the actions they displayed at the one area of land intrigued him enough to contact a few Scientist who analyzed the clay and were amazed at its properties.

The combined interest of these Scientist after finding the results of their analysis prompted them to approach NASA with their findings. This prompted a study of edible mineral nutrients in ION-MIN and what health benefit could be gained from eating it. The encouraging results of the data gathered in the Cal-Tech/Dr. Ershoff study commissioned by NASA led to the Hebbard's into providing clay in a larger, commercial ventures. Which as stories go, it winds like a river through time, and in 1997, TERRAMIN®, was launched as a brand, under the ION-MIN group as a dietary supplement.

Harries observant nature paid benefits when It was later discovered that these wild animals instinctively found the rich minerals in the ION-MIN deposit to supplement their diets with these mineral nutrients. They also used it as a restorative to cuts, bites, scratches. The power of Mother Nature provides for all the creatures on Earth and this deposit helped keep them fit for the extreme conditions in which they had to live. The Hebbards started mining the clay in order to bring this miraculous find to the farmers in the area for their cattle and the cattle thrived.

California Earth Minerals
Harries Hebbard's Clay Screen Used between 1948 and 1968

As the years passed, more benefits were found from the use of the clay and today, we are able to offer this great product not only for animals but also for humans. Besides Terramin® , edible clay, for human ingestion, California Earth Minerals also makes Terrapak™ for external pain relief. Terrasilk™ and Terraglacial™ for skin treatment and face masks,Terrabathe™ for mineral baths, Nutramin® used for our animals, Terrapond™ for Koi and fish ponds and Earthfood™ plus for use as a mineral supplement for agriculture.

We can provide more information to you by email, send us your questions. Contact Us Over the years, as man depleted the soil by over production in farming areas, the minerals available to us and to our pets are no longer available in our food therefore farmers must use chemical fertilizers and subsequently all types of health woes have come to us. All premium montmorillonite clay products sold by us have to pass a set of laboratory analysis. We create quality control assessments with rigid standards set for efficacy and safe use. Any product sold under the ION-MIN brand meet or exceed the high standards we expect shown in our Standards & Grades for ION-MIN brands.

In fact, there are only small areas on Earth that have the right conditions to foster the deposits of this Premium Calcium Montmorillonite clay that meet our criteria. We are fortunate to offer a natural source of ancient minerals sold since 1946. The minerals that our bodies beg for. We are wise to supplement our own diets with minerals needed for optimum health.

The richest minerals are found from pristine sources of ancient minerals. ION-MIN has been in Mother Earth's oven for millions of years.