Iron Warning on Our Label


Iron Warning on Our Label

About the Iron Content Listed on Our Label  

Our label contains an iron warning. This is an FDA requirement for all supplements containing over 30 mg of iron per dose. It is an unusual warning in that the original premise—some children were getting sick from ingesting a particular form of iron called iron sulfate—is not an on-going problem. The facts no longer support the warning, which began in 1997. It is important to understand that the poisoning from child overdoses was not because the iron was being digested; it was because the sulfate form of iron was corrosive to the lining of the stomach. TERRAMIN contains trivalent ionic ferrous oxide, which is a common, safe, and natural form of iron.  

Additionally, TERRAMIN's mineral delivery mechanism is sustained-released, so it cannot contact the stomach lining in a concentrated form. The iron in TERRAMIN is strongly adsorbed (electrically bonded) onto the silica through ionic attraction. During digestion, some of the iron will be released in your stomach in a time-released manner, as a result of your stomach acids. But most of the released iron will not be absorbed (passed through the intestinal walls) into your body unless your body needs it. Iron is tightly regulated by the body's metabolism. Iron cannot be absorbed unless your body recognizes the need for it and sends proteins to your intestine to bind to the iron. ION-MIN and other similar iron-rich calcium montmorillonite products have been used for animals and humans for generations without any indications of toxicity; not even at high levels of supplementation. Animal studies show that when ION-MIN is added to feed (up to 4% of their diet) it continues to contribute to nutrition and growth without any signs of toxicity. Our studies indicate that up to 10% of the diet can be ION-MIN without harm to many animal species.

Natural Iron vs. Man-made Iron

ION-MIN has Natural Iron
Natural Iron
Safer Iron is found naturally in clay
NOT Man-made Iron
man made iron
Bewary of iron made by man

Ferrous sulfate is FeSO4: a byproduct from the manmade industrial process in the manufacturing of steel products prior to plating or coating. Finished steel products pass through pickling baths of sulfuric acid. A major source of iron supplement is derived from this treatment process that produces large quantities of iron (II) sulfate as an industrial by-product. Another source of large amounts of iron comes from the production of titanium dioxide, which is produced from ilmenite using the sulfate process. Ferrous sulfate is prepared commercially by oxidation of pyrite, or by treating iron with sulfuric acid.[2]

Unfortunately, this industrial chemical form of Iron is recommended to people with iron deficiencies. If a bottle of these iron tablets are left in the vicinity of children, and precautions are not taken, can become troublesome. It is important children do not ingest too much of this manmade form of iron. Children could be poisoned if this industrial substance is ingested in sufficient quantities. It is also important to point out that natural "Iron", as with other elements in the earth's crust that are in the natural form, are vastly different from one another. The factory made, possibly toxic, form of refined iron should only be ingested with full knowledge, understanding and with proper caution.

TERRAMIN contains Fe2O3, which is a natural iron oxide that can be assimilated without harming your body. It is in ionic suspension and will not be easily released unless the body demands it. Additionally, a tablet of TERRAMIN contains only 4-5% iron, which is still more than the recommended minimal amount for an adult but vastly less than is considered toxic by the CDC. Even if natural iron oxide were toxic, one would have to consume an entire bottle or more to exceed FDA safety guidelines.

ION-MIN is an anion and is negatively charged. Iron oxide is a cation and is positively charged. It is possible that ION-MIN could be used to adsorb unnecessary amounts of iron in the body if the body has too much iron. ION-MIN works as needed and releases natural iron as well as other important nutrients in a controlled manner.  

The need to warn people about false or misunderstood statements about the dangers of the manmade form of iron verses the all-natural form is unnecessary, however the FDA compliance rules do not differentiate between the two.

The FDA requires an iron warning on Mineral Supplement labels but does not differentiate on what type of iron. California Earth Minerals Corporation in order to comply with the FDA's request have the following statement on our TERRAMIN tablets and caplets.

Taking iron supplements can prevent iron deficiency in adults and children. However, the FDA believes that some forms of iron can be hazardous in extreme overdoses to children. All supplement makers are asked to issue this warning. "Accidental overdose of iron-containing products is a leading cause of fatal poisoning in children under 6 years of age. Keep this product out of reach of children."

We willingly comply with this request, it sounds serious, however based on current research, and it is a warning without merit. All supplements should be kept out of the reach of children.