clay mineral compoundIon-min is a neutral, lite reddish beige, darker when wet.   



ION-MIN® is much finer than many other clay mineral compounds

On the market. However, size can be misleading. ION-MIN grades

contain a very high percentage of extremely small, micron-sized particulates and even sub-micron sized clay platelets. With over 60% of our A3 grade product under 2 microns, the average particle size of the most functional portion of our products cannot be  measured. The finer particle size of our clays is sub-micron and smaller (angstrom).

ION-MIN® Grade A1 - Average Particle Size


87%   01 microns or less 

10%   02 – 05 microns 

01%   15 – 20 microns 

02%   20 – 250 microns

1% over 250 microns “Standard Test Method for Particle Size Analysis”. This standard method is used in the 2009 analysis of a Terramin sample from the mine area.  Study conducted and reported by Dr. David Fairhurst, Colloid Consultants, Congers, NY. 10920  PHD, CSci, C Chem, FRSC

We Produce 3 Grades of ION-MIN:

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  1. Grade A1: Ultra-Fine, the powder is under 450 mesh; 89% of the compound consists  of  sub-micron  sized (< 1 microns)  platelet shaped  clay  particles from  the  deepest  pristine  layers of our mine.  Used for human oral, facial and skin applications.

  1. Grade A2: Extremely Fine, the powder is below 350 mesh; 87% of the clay compound consists of sub-micron-sized particles (< 1 microns). From deeper strata’s and more protected layers of our mine.  Used for human ingestible nutrient/detoxifying supplement.

  1. Grade A3Very fine, the powder is under 200 mesh; 60% of the compound consists of sub-micron-sized particles (< 2 microns). Used for water detoxification, clarification, cancer patients pain relief poultice and bathing products



  •       Human Nutritional supplements

  •       Cosmetics and cosmeceuticals

  •       Adsorbents – Removes Heavy Metals

  •       Animal Feed Supplement

  •       Nano-composites

  •       Environmental remediation

  •       Plant and Soil enrichment

  •       Water detoxifier, purifier and clarifier


Process – See Our Production Processp>

ION-MIN compound is carefully extracted and processed using industrial crushing, grinding and milling equipment. The material  is then air particle separated into fine powders of several size grades and packaged in vapor-resistant, tamper- proof bags. It is then transported to final packaging operations as powder to make caplet and tablets. All mining operations are eco-friendly and the land is returned to original pre-extraction contours, carefully and meticulously  by replacing the overburden to create the original top soil conditions.                 

Packaging type

Powder comes in 8 oz. – 1 lb. jars - 2 - 4 - 8 lb. pouches, 20 - 50 lb vapor sealed boxes, pallets contain a total of 50 of our 50 lb. vapor-resistant commercial paper bags.  Our exclusive Tablets and caplets are made from compressed ION-MIN powder.


California Earth Minerals develops and distributes ION-MIN premium mineral products for people, animals, and environmental health. Our products are made from a pure, clean “rare-earth” source of Premium Calcium Montmorillonite. ION-MIN is a naturally-fine- powdered clay-based, inorganic compound. All of our products are used as an excellent nutrient source, to cleanse and detoxify, make people and plants healthy, also to help heal the environment.

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