minerals for the body

The Secret to Longevity

Calcium Montmorillonite - Terramin

The Tibetans in Western China, the Hunzas in Eastern Pakistan, the Georgians in Western Russia, the Armenians, the Abkhazians and the Azerbaijanis, the Vilcabamba in Ecuador, and the Titicaca in Peru routinely live to be a 120 or even 140 years old, according to Nobel Prize nominee Dr. Joel Wallach.  What is more, these people don’t live in nursing homes; they live full, productive and enjoyable lives.

The reason for their longevity is that they inhabit high altitude areas where the soil contains abundant amounts of montmorillonite clay deposits, a mixture of minerals from mountains and ancient oceanic sediment consisting of seaweed, algae and other calciferous marine life that are believed to have been brought to the surface by volcanic activity and transported to a deposit by precipitation.

Thanks to the montmorillonite, which soil experts value as an exceptionally good agricultural enhancement, their crops taste better, grow faster, and are more resistant to diseases.  The balance of natural colloidal minerals, including the essential trace minerals present in montmorillonite are easy to assimilate and enhance the production of enzymes in all living organisms.

Dr. Edward Howell, the father of modern enzyme research, proposes that enzyme deficiency is a significant cause of premature aging and the development of numerous degenerative diseases.

Similarly, plants grown on impoverished soil, deficient of minerals and nutrients, are more vulnerable to damage from insects and diseases and produce little more than malnourished bodies.  Dr. D.W. Cavanaugh of Cornell University, writes: “There is only one major disease and that is malnutrition.“

Chemical fertilizers gained a stronghold in American agriculture after it was discovered at the turn of the century that plants fed with the scientific trinity NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) could survive and look fairly good.


However, 40 or more  years later, concerned ecologists and agriculturists were able to prove that chemical fertilizers that are toxic and the lack of proper natural nutrients in the soil caused plant vulnerability to fungus and insects, leading to more crop loss and soil depletion.

For optimum health the human body requires more than 70 minerals, Dr. Jensen, the author of the book “Empty Harvest” and other authorities on the subject agree that it would be fairly easy to put these desperately needed minerals back into our soil.

Colloidal soil can actually boost the content of vitamins, minerals and enzymes in plants, thus benefiting every entity from the plants themselves, to animals and people.