nutramin to promote better health for horses



By Al Plechner, DVM



Montmorillonite is an advanced, natural creation by the action of the earth, that provides many profound uses, to provide maximum health for all types of horses.  This specific Montmorillonite is comprised of 57 naturally occurring trace minerals that are chelated, which means these trace minerals occur in a form that the body will absorb, only if the body needs them.

Montmorillonite will aid in promoting maximum health for both you and your horse and will also promote better healing from many diseases, when included with standard, medical therapy.

Montmorillonite promotes healthy bones, ligaments, and tendons, while stopping bone loss, which is referred to as osteoporosis.  This is not only important for all horses, but is especially important for pregnant mares.

Over the years, I have seen montmorillonite improve fertility, promote easier birthing and much healthier offspring, with a much higher survival rates in horses and all allied species.   It is best to use the montmorillonite daily, even before fertilization of the mare occurs, and continued during and after the pregnancy.

The efficiency and the amount of the chelated calcium found in the montmorillonite, not only will help the mare maintain her bone density while being pregnant, but also will help increase her milk production when her foal is born.

In her maturing embryo, a good quality, naturally chelated calcium , is of  tremendous importance, in order to produce  strong bones, ligaments and tendons for her foal at birth.  This is vital to new born foals and helps stop the creation of a weak, decalcified skeletal system, which may lead to bone malformation and early crippling.

Proper calcification is also vital, in those horses competing in different types of athletics events.

I have also found that montmorillonite neutralizes toxins and provides a protective antibacterial action, and does help to reduce the major health problems that come from feed contamination.   For best results, include the montmorillonite, every day in your horse’s food or water.

Montmorillonite will definitely help the liver, that contain  toxins, to neutralize the toxins, and give the liver a chance to heal itself, if too much liver damage has not already occurred.

Montmorillonite has been used for kidney disease, to reduce bone loss.

 Allied studies show, that Montmorillonite will help reduce the high blood urea level, by causing the urea to be concentrated in the intestines, for excretion.

The montmorillonite also contains a naturally, chelated kaolin, that helps sooth the intestines and reduce the chance of colic.

If the dose of montmorillonite is doubled, often a fluid return is created in the intestines, and will often help soften impactions, while also providing antibacterial action against some of the bowel inhabitants that produce an increase in gas, which will add further discomfort to the horse’s colic.

Often adding montmorillonite to your horses watering facility, will help maintain a lower bacterial count in the water.

The montmorillonite can be mixed with water and used as a healing paste, and applied twice daily to skin infections, bacterial eruptions, wire cuts, abrasions and insect bites.

I happen to buy my montmorillonite from  They have much more information for your consideration.


The following are my guide lines for the use of their montmorillonite called NUTRAMIN.

I am happy to make these suggestions, but you and your veterinarian need to decide on actual dose levels.  I can only make suggestions based on my clinical experience.


1.    Foals should receive one heaping tablespoon of NUTRAMIN, sprinkled on their food AM and PM.

2.    Adult horses should receive two heaping tablespoons of NUTRAMIN AM and PM.

3.    Pregnant mares should receive three heaping tablespoons of NUTRAMIN AM and PM.

4.    Horses suffering from various diseases should receive three to four heaping tablespoons of NUTRAMIN AM and PM.

5.    To add NUTRAMIN to the water facility of your horse, to reduce bacterial build up apply one measuring cup of NUTRAMIN to every 50 gallons of water.  

6.    To create a NUTRAMIN paste, add just enough water to be guaranteed that the paste will cover the lesion and stick. This paste may be applied to any skin lesion twice daily for 7 days and continued on, until the skin lesion has healed.

Please create your own use for this important natural gift from the earth and hopefully you will find, as I have, this is a necessary addition, to keeping ourselves and our horses healthy, in this day and age of an altered environment.

Please remember, you and your horse can only eat better but not healthy, until you provide those micronutrients that no longer reside in our overworked, agricultural soils.

NUTRAMIN® is Veterinarian Approved and Recommended