Start a Green Business


Starting a green business selling ION-MIN products  which are 100% natural is an outstanding opportunity in today’s natural supplements market. However, there are other natural products to explore. Find those that fit with your business plans and personal business
Business, green or not come with responsibilities. Make sure your business complies with local, state federal or international regulations, depending on your business model. Is it going to be an all green business or will you be also selling products that do not fall into this business classification?   
Heed this advice:  do your due diligence. Ensure the products you sell are allowed to be marketed in your area.  Find out if there are any restrictions. Be sure to register with the proper entities and insure you have the appropriate business license or permit. Comply with all government regulations.
Establish a location and set it up for maximum efficiency.  It is cost savings to have storage on site.  It is advised to seek professional advice on how to properly set up your business in your area with your business model.
Decide if the costs of doing business can be paid by the sales you will make. Consider the cost and establish competitive product prices. Research this. Profit margins from sales must pay expenses and provide for a profit.  
Profits come slowly to new businesses as it takes time to ramp up the sales. Plan for that and have some investment cash available to provide for operational expenses until the volume of sales can cover this. Form alliances with manufacturers and distributors of the products you wish to sell. Seek their help and advice. Check with us to see how simple it is to become an ION-MIN dealer.