The Global Impact of Mineral Depletion in Farmlands Why Do I Need a Mineral Supplement?

a1 Too many of today’s health ailments stem from the lack of a rich mineral nutrient source. Where and how can one get the benefits of certain trace minerals if these nutrients are no longer available in our agricultural farmlands? No longer available is harsh to hear when you understand the important and life sustaining relationship between soils, plants, animals and  humans. This is the food chain.

Soils grow the plants, fruits vegetables, - hay, alfalfa, wheat, corn – All stem from being planted in soil.  Soil that is sadly deficient of many minerals and grossly pumped up with Nitrogen, Potassium Phosphorus, the primary and sometimes the only minerals in the fertilizers used to grow our crops.

N, P and K are the primary and in many times the only minerals that these food sources get. Check it out the next time you are at the nursery.  Many fertilizers tout the amount as if the higher the numbers listed on the bag for each means it is more effective.   It is true that there are some places that will provide other minerals to supplement the soil for a better crop.  These are few and far in between and their products are very costly when they are available.

The nutrients that humans thrive on when they get them are seldom found in commercial a2foods.  Forget about getting some of the rarer trace minerals that make a body hum and boost the immune system.  They are gone.  The plants we get are deficient in so many ways, nearly void of the rest of the 92 recognized minerals that are vitally important for optimum health.  The macro elements called electrolytes that if humans do not get can cause an immediate ill feeling are calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, sulfur, chlorine and phosphorus.  NPK makes up less than half of these VITAL electrolytes.

What about the trace minerals?  Without these, a short life fraught with many health problems is assured.  Iron, copper, manganese, chromium, selenium, zinc, cobalt, lithium, boron and silicon.  Can’t find those in NPK either?  There is current research that reveal over a dozen additional trace minerals that if not provided can lead to many serious health issues.  Most commercial farmlands are totally deficient in these trace minerals.  Not a trace can be found, but you will find NPK and water.

That sadly is the condition of our soils from which we are depending to provide the nutrients to the plants, veggies and fruits we eat.  Full of NPK, not much else.  What do we do?

Many will argue that we supplement our diet with meats, poultry, fish and they will fill the gap.  The nagging question is that what do they eat?  If these macro and trace minerals are not available in their food sources, how are they going to have them available for us when we include them on the dinner table?
We are all connected. In Spirit, heartand even in the physical. We, the entire collection of living things on Earth, have a common bond in our creation. Mother Earth, herself. The livelihood and existence of all living things: be it man, beast, fish, fowl, andplants, springs from the wellspring of Mother Earth. All that she is, we should be. We will get, “out of sorts” when we forget that our carbon based beings belong to and came from Terra Firma, and all from which it is made.

Life and the health that surrounds it is best when we maintain our earthly connection by getting the proper nutrition. Mineral nutrition with the correct amount of each mineral from which the Earth is made. Copper, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron and bits of each of the other elements of the listed 118.
How can that be? Should we be receiving bits of each of the elements that compose our Earth? That is a reasonable question and perhaps it would be reasonable to consider that the amount we “need” or “should receive daily” or in what form should we take it, is still under much study, still with no concrete answers.  So it is left to us to make the decision to do something about it, or not.  Health is a personal choice and we each need to make that decision for ourselves and those in our family not able to decide for themselves, cue to age or illness.

It has been shown over the years that when one gets a sufficient spread of a variety of the principal mineral nutrients they prosper and whenever those that do not get the same mineral rich diet, fail.


This is all well and good for folks that live in a mineral rich area, where the minerals flow freely into the water and the soil has not been over farmed. Where is that? Certainly not in our agricultural world of fast produced GMO vegetables and fertilizer driven vegetables, grains, and fruits that drip with chemical “enhancements.”

If you wish to learn more about soil depletion, take a look at Senate Document 264. Then take a second look at the date it was produced. Do you think the situation has improved in the last 85 years?

It’s pretty simple, if the mineral nutrients are not in the ground, the plants will not get them, the animals that live from the plants will not get them and the animals that consume the meat of those a4animals won’t get them either. This means that man, the apex of the food chain isn’t getting them either.  This leads us to the global nutrient deficiency caused by soil depletion. It is irreversible and we want to take steps to offset some of the negative effects of over farming and chemically enhanced foods.

Where can you find a reliable source of ancient, highly effective minerals, with a wide spread distribution so you are able to receive the missing vital macro minerals, and the important traceminerals. Some of the minerals that make us feel better and perform better are only needed in trace amounts. More research is showing us clearly that trace minerals are part of the human blueprint.

Ancient minerals are found in a few algae sources, some seaweeds, coral, and perhaps areas rarely visited by mankind and still remain in the earth.  The Earth’s core has a hugely strong magnetic pull on minerals and are pulling them closer and closer to the core, farther and farther away from mankind.
Premium Montmorillonite Clay is one of the most effective natural source of ancient minerals. It has a widespread variety of minerals, stored there in a bonded state for millions of years.  Premium Montmorillonites are also anti-bacterial, anti-toxin and will neutralize pathogens. 

The molecular structure of a Premium Montmorillonite clay and its strong negative ionic charge makes it a great detoxifier.  It is a way to removes heavy metals from bodies.Some are reported to block the negative effects of certain radioactive elements.

Who knew? Ashes to Ashes and Dust to Dust. We all begin and end there. Why not make it part of the middle part of your life. Gain maximum health for maximum rewards on Earth, from Earth.