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Environmental Care

Earth and Water Treatments


We are committed to a sustainable environment. EARTHFOOD™ plus enriches and remineralizes the soil. We receive abundant feedback from local organic farms, gardens and vineyards that sample our probiotic clay mineral treatment. We have found that using even a small amount can revive soil for many years. Your crops will retain their nutrients so you can use fewer chemicals and fertilizers.

Our environmental grade TERRAPOND™ product is also used to help clean up toxic spills. It naturally decontaminates and removes chemicals and toxins using both adsorptive and absorptive properties. This incredible montmorillonite clay compound attracts and internalizes a variety of metals and toxins, preventing re-release of these harmful materials. Chemicals permanently cling to it like a magnet and are absorbed like a sponge. The clay can then be removed from the spill site and safely buried in a lined landfill.

The same negative ionic action that allows TERRAMIN® to store healthful minerals and pull heavy metals from tissue during detoxification treatments also allows it to remove toxins naturally from our environment. It is the only planet we have, please conserve when and where you are able.

TERRAMIN to store healthful minerals

We Only Have One Environment – Please Work Together to Keep it Beautiful