calcium montmorillonite clay

EARTHFOOD Plus is a clay soil amending clay plus an addition of 12% organic ring dried blood meal. It is the soil conditioner that is preferred by meticulous gardeners that cherish their exotic and fragrant plants.

Give your earth the best nutrients from nature:

  • Silicate adsorbent with strong Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC)
  • Over 50 highly absorbable macro, micro, and trace minerals
  • High in calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, copper, and silica
  • Anti-Bacterial and Toxin-Free

EARTHFOOD PlusEARTHFOOD Plus is a premium, long lasting soil enrichment system and soil conditioner. Conventional fertilizers are temporary and seasonal infusions of growth promoting  chemicals. EARTHFOOD Plus is a way to add minerals and a nutrient mediation mechanism so soil fertility is preserved year after year.

Chances are your soil is largely depleted of critical trace minerals.  Our soil enrichment and conditioner, an organic natural calcium montmorillonite compound, permanently revitalizes the soil. It adds decades of trace minerals in a sustained release delivery source and continues to buffer the humus nutrients to prevent runoff.  It is an all natural product that pays off year after year in better, healthier, more nutritious fruits, vegetables and grains.

Invest in your harvest.  Make your growing sustainable with ingredients approved by the USDAnatural health
for foods labeled "organic".
  • This soil catalysis is all natural and contains no animal manure, urea, nitrates, ammonia, or synthetic chemicals. 


Simply till into your soil and you will begin to yield more tasty, nutritious foods and better quality plants.


Your food is only as good as the earth it comes from.