Nutramin – Veterinarian

Nutramin – Veterinarian Approved and Recommended


 Dr. Al Plechner provides his perspective as a reason  to try Nutramin® for your patient’s benefit in his personal testimonial below.   Please contact him through his website to find out all  he has discovered  through his 30 year study concerning natural supplements use and effectiveness.   This incredible study provides the reasoning that will encourage you to use Nutramin® as your choice when recommending an  all-natural mineral supplement for your patient’s betterment.  

Dr. Plechner’sTestimonial               

                “I have known for over 30 years that I have been seeing micronutrient deficiencies, occurring in the diets of our pets and us, due to over worked agricultural soils.” 

            “You can help your pet and yourself eat better, but without using this natural gift from the earth called NUTRAMIN® for our pets and called TERRAMIN® for ourselves, you cannot eat healthier.” 

            “My continued use of NUTRAMIN®, in my veterinary practice, only further validates the fact, that without this 57 natural chelated gift from the earth, my patients and I might never have identified or justified our deficiencies, and even with best, modern day medicine, the effects might be treated, but the cause unknown, while our disease, might continue to an unhappy ending.” 

            “Yes, I use NUTRAMIN® for all my patients and my own pets, and TERRAMIN for my family. 

Hopefully you too can see this urgency, to try to neutralize our damaged nutritional and polluted environment and just maybe, leave a better world for our pets and our children and their children to live in.” 

            “Doing this will certainly be more conducive to live a healthy, long life, and provide a clean earth, for all future generations of animals and people to flourish in. “


Dr. AL Plechner.
Sana Monica, CA
Dec 10, 2010