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Watch this 2 minute clip about the NASA experiments with our ION-MIN® clay compound.


NASA Studies ION-MIN for Use by Astronauts While in Space


Follow the link below the picture to get a copy of the clinical study that NASA had Dr. Ershoff prepare for them when they were searching for the most effective way for the astronauts to get calcium.  NASA's  concern was the osteoporoses that astronauts would suffer after an extended stay in space.

The study is extensive and involved several experiments to see how bones were affected by the addition of different calcium intakes to the diets of several test subjects.  The tests included ION-MIN from our mine near Brawley, California.

The study showed conclusively the superior benefits that ION-MIN provided for strengthening the bones of the test subjects.  The most effective calcium source that was tested is from the exact same area on the property where our clay products are being mined today.  The Terramin you take today is the same as the clay the astronauts took.

NOTE: the report is quite large and includes pictures of the bones of the test subjects and it is described in medical terminology.  The tables he used to compare the control groups are astounding and show definitively the superior aspects of ION-MIN not only for bone strength but also for healthy growth.  This is a digital copy of the report that was prepared on a typewriter and then copies were mimeographed.


 CLICK HERE to View a Copy of the Full Report  NASA Funded Study