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California Earth Minerals Corporation® invites you to Join with us in the mission to provide the many health benefits of Premium Montmorillonite Clays to those that understand that natural health is true health and will benefit from their uses.

We ask you to consider our reseller opportunity. See if it is a fit for your business plans or as an aid in your medical practice. Since 1946, ION-MIN® has been used as a source for the ancient minerals no longer available from processed food sources and as a natural detoxifier.
Premium Montmorillonite Clays

California Earth Minerals California Earth Minerals (CEM) has a wholesale program designed to best serve the many families our products will benefit. We are dedicated to the purpose of convenience and economy for them. Our small company cannot do it alone thus we created a business model that is based on developing two significant wholesale purchase channels. We desire to connect with Retailers and Medical Practitioners who serve people seeking the health benefits only pure, natural products produce.

We also believe in providing Medical Practitioners with a way to help sustain their Practice by helping their patients discover the incredible healing power of Mother Nature’s bounty. We invite them to serve as a conduit, through which their clients have access to a 100% natural product. A highly effective Detoxifies while providing vital minerals. Two benefits with one product.

California Earth Minerals is a producer of an all-natural mineral supplement that is highly regarded as a wellness solution for many. Becoming a reseller for California Earth Minerals is a business opportunity where resellers buy products wholesale, make the sale and keep the profits. The mission is to provide a natural product that is tried and true, having been marketed since 1946. Significant savings are available with volume incentives*.

Medical Practitioners CEM reseller’s channels consist of Retailers, E-Stores and various Medical Practitioners. Our Medical Practitioner channel includes but not limited to Acupuncturist, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Health Consultants, Health Spas Veterinarians, Healers, Natural Product Co-ops and Clinics, Bricks and Mortar stores, E-store, are all welcome to apply for our Dealer channel.. e-commerce

free shipping Whether you want to add another profit center or this is the first, apply today. Those in our channels are dedicated professional people who support the purposeful mission of promoting health through the use of natural products. We provide the products, branding, and free shipping* to all U.S. accounts. California Earth Minerals has developed the brands with sound research and a commitment to the natural products that are proven to be safe and effective

Purchase Direct from the leader in edible mineral sales! Because we research the mines from which our minerals come, we can assure you of responsible mining practices. Due to our extensive history in the edible clay and mineral supplement industry, we understand the quality standards of Premium Montmorillonite clays.

We offer only those clays that meet/exceed the highest standards. We have a strict laboratory protocol that each product is subjected to, in order to fully reveal its properties. Additionally, we provide marketing and educational materials to insure clients find an ideal product match.

Bricks and Mortar business operations can benefit significantly by making products available to the consumer on a local basis. Not only do the products provide users with the excellent health benefits of ION-MIN® products but your business will improve the health of your balance sheets from repeat orders that build customer loyalty. ion min products

Review California Earth Minerals’ FREE SHIPPING & FAST DELIVERY

1. Medical Practitioners
The ideal program for Medical professionals that wish to provide this natural product for their clients benefit. Wholesale prices. No annual order requirement. Flexible order program and all U.S. Practitioners receive volume incentives equal to those offered to Dealers whenever available.

free shopping fat delivery

2. Dealers:

Larger stocking U.S. based e-sellers, resellers & retailers - Solid profit margins - Low minimums – Convenient order process - fast and free shipping. – Products build a loyal customer base. Volume discounts.

Note: Our programs allow you to add our products to your business seamlessly. Create a new revenue stream. We provide top quality products, backed by research and testing, brand support, promotions and outstanding profit margins that include volume discounts and free shipping.

Channel Selling Policy

Note: Our reseller programs are established for the advantage of the channels. We are growing our network. The world is gaining a better insight into our 100% all natural products and the demand is growing in line with the explosive growth in the Industry. International Dealers are Welcome.

become a dealer Especially now, since so much information is being presented online of how Premium Calcium Montmorillonite clay is effective in dealing with non-lethal radiation exposure and toxins that assail our bodies every day. We seek entrepreneurs that will join in our consumer oriented mission. California Earth Minerals is dedicated to its wholesalers and does not sell products directly to end users, only to Authorized Resellers.

Act now, just tap here, ”Become a Dealer”and submit an application. You can also use our information request to get in touch, if you have questions prior to requesting reseller information. When you wish to learn more, send in your request to set up a wholesale account. Join us today. There is no obligation or charge to submit an application.

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*Volume incentives and Free Shipping are available based on the volume of the order in each separate shipment. Free shipping applies to U.S. Addresses only.