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Privacy Policy

We do not share our customer’s information with any third party. All emails and personal order information is held in the strictest of confidence and not shared for any purpose. We honor all CAN SPAM laws against unwarranted contact with you.  This policy also applies to those individuals that sign up for our newsletter.

Visitor Privacy

We understand that visitors to our site are concerned about security and privacy. California Earth Minerals Corporation® is committed to helping you protect your privacy by prohibiting the use of tracking cookies and other tools to obtain information about you while you are a visitor in our website.  All Information you may provide during your visit is encrypted and retained in customary secure filesWe are an ethics oriented company and we do not use popup ads or intrusive messaging to distract you from your web experience. When you connect to our website, certain information is automatically passed to us. We do analyze web activity to improve our services to you, but we cannot and do not attempt to determine the identity of our visitors.


By submitting testimonials, you are giving us permission for us to post them on the website. We do not use the full name on postings. All testimonials submitted will be reviewed before posting. CEMC may edit the content to make it presentable on the web. We will do so with a commitment to preserve your wording and meaning. If your submission does not appear on the site within a few weeks of sending it, please feel free to contact us at  We believe that with the knowledge you share with others creates our community of clay advocates.  We welcome your comments.

 E-mail and Mail Contact

If you have subscribed to any of our publications and wish to cancel your subscription and suspend our outreach to you, please e-mail.  or call us at 1-323-294-8500 1-323-294-8500   and we will promptly honor your request.


We're glad you took the time to explore our website and invite you to get in touch. If you have any questions, please contact us at 1-323-294-8500 or e-mail us from the contact page on this site.

Copyright Policy

Thank you for visiting our site. Information and graphics in this website are the property of California Earth Minerals Corporation® (CEMC) .1997  All rights reserved. No part of this site may be reproduced in any form and distributed for commercial purposes without the written permission of CEMC. The contents of this site are protected by US and international copyright law. Reproduction and redistribution of our content without express written consent is prohibited.

Web visitors who wish to reproduce, redistribute or reprint any copyrighted content in this website may contact us and submit a request.  We will provide a quick reply. We appreciate your cooperation. We encourage links to any of the content on the website.


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